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An omnichain social
yield infrastructure.

Create complex strategies
in the most simple way.

The infrastructure for creating and sharing complex strategies,
leveraging the most innovative DeFi protocols.


Choose your favorite
DeFi protocol.

Strateg. allows you to use DeFi's best-known and most secure protocols, and much more besides.


Pick the block you need.

Choose the functions you need to implement your strategies intuitively and easily.

Connect them.

Protocols list.

Edit settings
start earning revenues.

Edit your strategies with the settings that best suit your needs.


your community.

Tailor your strategies to your community's needs.
Share and discover opportunities across protocols and chains.

Earn from any chain.

Chain abstraction brought to the world, invest in strategies of your choice in just one click. Earnings & Management completely automated for you.

Chain abstraction.

Easily invest in any strategies with any token from any chain.

Chain Abstraction.

Personal dashboard.

Track all your investments in real time.


Invest easily.

Find the best opportunities in just a few clicks.


Monetize your knowledge.

A new way of monetizing passion, enabling DeFi enthusiasts to earn income from their work.

Claim your revenues.

Benefit from the income generated by your created strategies.

Protocols list.
Protocols list.

Collaborate with others.

Imagine strategies with collaborators and share revenues with them according to your agreements.


Discover innovative projects to integrate into your strategies.


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